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DuniliellaNatural Mixed Carotenoids

We are one of the few suppliers of Dunaliella in the world . It is derived from the algae Dunaliella salina. The Dunaliella facility is has the highest quality standards to produce exceptiona produt. Natural Mixed Carotenoids is available as powder 2.5% & 7.5% powder in the Dunaliella Natural Mixed Carotenoids range and oil (2.5% - 4%).

Natural Mixed Carotenoids contain both 9-cis and All-trans isomers:
All-trans isomers exhibit Vitamin A activity and 9-cis provides potent antioxidant activity, unlike synthetic Beta Carotene which contains only trans isomers

Dunaliella salina is a single celled, salt-water micro-algae that accumulates massive amounts of carotenoids under appropriate growth conditions. Natural Mixed Carotenoids found in Dunaliella salina are among nature's best antioxidants, containing a variety of carotenoids including Beta Carotene, Alphacarotene and Xanthophylls like Zeaxanthin, Cryptoxanthin and Lutein. Natural Mixed Carotenoids belong to a family of naturally occurring yellow, orange and red pigments, which are found in various fruits, cruciferous, yellow and dark - green vegetables and also abundantly in algae.